typically refers to a mix of oat, rye, barley, and wheat grasses, according to the Humane Society.

Cat grass 

Dactylis glomerata – Orchard grass, cock’s foot, cat gra Hordeum vulgare – Barley Triticum aestivum – Wheatgrass, common wheat Avena sativa – Oat


Drop the seeds in soil and add water. Keep the soil moist and in ten days or so offer it to your cat. Growing in a low, heavy container will be less likely to get knocked over.

Simple to grow

Just because your cat loves her chicken, beef, and tuna meals doesn’t mean she wouldn’t also love to sink her teeth into something a little greener and leafier. 

Why cat loves it?

Cat Grass acts as a micro nutrient source for cats.  It can add insoluble fiber, which can help with hair balls, and it’s a good environmental enrichment for cats.


Alfalfa grass is best since it has been shown to help with preventing and treating kidney disease in cats 


Oat is also a great choice because it acts as a digestive aid to calm the intestinal tract, is high in protein and soluble fiber, and contains levels of iron, manganese, zinc, and B vitamins.