Dr. Wisdom: 

Dr. Baker:"Advocate for comprehensive cardiac assessments, especially if you experience unusual symptoms. Your voice matters."

Dr. Compassion: 

Dr. Freed:"Knowledge is power. Stay informed about heart disease risks and take proactive steps towards a healthier heart."

Dr. Optimism: 

Dr. Mehta:"Women-centric heart attack information is crucial. Familiarize yourself with the unique risks and symptoms." 

Dr. Persistence: 

Dr. Harkin:"Let's start a conversation about women's heart health. Together, we can raise awareness and save lives."

Dr. Empathy: 

Dr. Breckenridge:"Your heart matters. Prioritize self-care, seek support, and stay proactive in managing your cardiovascular health."

Dr. Resilience: 

Dr. Andersen:"Don't wait for symptoms. Advocate for comprehensive cardiac evaluations."

Dr. Patience: 

Dr. Morgan:"Embrace lifestyle changes for heart health: Exercise, diet, and regular check-ups."

Dr. Understanding: 

Dr. Rosen:"Statins save lives. Don't let misinformation deter you from essential medication."

Dr. Healing: 

Dr. Gulati:"Screening gaps persist. Let's prioritize cardiac health with proactive measures."

Dr. Inspiration: 

Dr. Mieres:"Empowerment begins with awareness. Addressing disparities saves lives."