Dr. Nicole Harkin: "Every woman deserves to be informed about her heart health. Let's break down barriers and prioritize cardiovascular well-being." 

Dr. Cindy Baker: "Don't overlook shortness of breath and fatigue as potential signs of heart disease. Your body may be sending important signals." 

Dr. Jayne Morgan: "Pregnancy complications can signal future heart risks. Prioritize post-pregnancy cardiac assessments." 

Dr. Holly Andersen: "Heart disease fatalities among young women are surging. Ignorance is no longer an option." 

Dr. Stacey E. Rosen: "Dispelling myths about statins: The lifesaving truth every woman should know." 

Dr. Martha Gulati: "Imagine a future where preventive cardiac screenings are as routine as mammograms." 

Dr. Jennifer Mieres: "Women of color face heightened heart risks. Awareness and action are paramount." 

Dr. Mary Breckenridge: "Heart disease doesn't discriminate. Take charge of your health journey with proactive measures and regular screenings." 

Dr. Laxmi Mehta: "Heart attack symptoms can differ for women. Learn to recognize the signs early to seek timely medical attention." 

Dr. Lisa Freed: "As a woman, understanding your heart health is paramount. Explore screenings, education, and tailored treatment options."