Taste Wazwan: Kashmir's Yummy Food! 

Wazwan (The Kashmiri Cuisine): 

The amazing food tradition of Kashmir. It's like a super fancy feast with lots of delicious dishes.

Tabakh Maaz (Super tender lamb ribs): 

First up, you get these super tender lamb ribs cooked with special spice

Rogan Josh (Red colored juicy lamb pieces): 

Gives a spicy kick that makes your taste buds dance.

Rista (Meatballs swimming in a creamy yogurt sauce): 

They're so soft and flavorful hence tastier.

Gushtaba (Creamish Mutton Keema Balls): 

These are like little dumplings made of minced lamb in a yummy gravy.

Yakhni (A yellow Meat garnished in Yogurt): 

A real Yogurt soup with delicious yellow mutton bursting with flavors.

Machh (Mutton Keema): 

Spiced mutton keema for a flavor-packed bite.

Kaliya (Yellow Meat): 

Tender yellow meat, a Kashmiri delicacy.

Chock Charwan (Liver-Pieces of Lamb): 

Savory liver pieces from succulent lamb.

Kabar-Gah (Mutton Rib Snacks): 

Crunchy mutton rib snacks, a true delight.