Have you ever imagined carrying red-hot charcoal filled in an earthen pot inside your dress? That is the mobile heater known as Kangri.

Introduced in India by Italians who had come in the retinue of the Moghul Emperors, the Kangri over the centuries has become a part of Kashmiri culture and has acquired religious importance.

Kangri an earthenware fire pot has been traditionally used by people of Kashmir for protecting themselves for harsh winter weather. 

It is like a portable and movable heater that Kashmiris keep in their warm woollen cloak to keep themselves warm in the frosty winters.

Kangri a small portable earthenware-lined wicker basket used as a warming stove in Kashmir.

Made of two parts, the Kangri consists of an earthen pot filled with embers and its wicker encasement including two arms to handle the hot pot with care.

Kashmiris prefer Kangri to keep themselves warm in sub-zero temperature

For the poor – (they are many) –Kangri is the cheapest bulwark against cold.

The Kashmir valley received heavy snowfall in the higher reaches as well as in the plains. As a result, the sale of Kangri surged in the Valley this year.

The continued use of Kangri causes-Stomach complaints, scorched thighs and bellies, pus-filled boils amongst the people in Kashmir. 

Worst of all is the malignant growth that develops in the thighs and lower abdomen of the body due to constantly being under the exposure of the heat radiated by the Kangri- called “Kangri cancer”. 

"No doubt a number of modern heating gadgets are available in the market and a lot of people are also purchasing heating devices to keep them warm, but Kangri has its own charm.