Actor Alan Ritchson Opens Up About Mental Health Struggles and Overcoming Adversity

Alan Ritchson Recalls Overcoming Past Suicide Attempt

Alan Ritchson, known for his roles in various TV series including “Reacher,” bravely shared his experience of attempting suicide after enduring multiple sexual assaults. Recounting the incident, he disclosed hanging himself with a green extension cord in his California home’s attic, recalling the rapidity of the moment. However, a vision of his sons in their future stages halted his actions. Ritchson credits his sons’ intervention and support from his family for saving him. He promptly sought help, leading to diagnoses of bipolar disorder at 36 and ADHD at 40. Ritchson attributed his struggles to a history of sexual abuse in the modeling industry and later in the film industry, which ultimately led to his decision to quit modeling. He revealed facing threats and abuse from business partners, exacerbating his mental health challenges. Despite these adversities, Ritchson emphasizes the importance of finding purpose and serving others in life, reflecting on his journey towards recovery and meaningful work.

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