“Enhancing Alkali-Ion Battery Performance: Advanced Anode Materials and Design Strategies”

Architectural design of anode materials for superior alkali-ion (Li/Na/K) batteries storage | Scientific

The article explores the development of high-performance anode materials for alkali-ion batteries, focusing on lithium, sodium, and potassium ion batteries (LIBs, SIBs, and PIBs). The (MXene/MoSe2@C) heterostructure hybrid nanostructure is investigated as a superior anode material. Results suggest significant migration of sodium ions towards the anode material during charge and discharge cycles, making SIBs competitive with PIBs and LIBs. Various computational studies, including molecular dynamics simulations, assess the transport mechanisms of alkali ions towards the anode material. The research highlights the need for electrode materials capable of accommodating the expanding ionic radius of sodium and potassium ions, emphasizing the importance of designing advanced electrode materials with robust structures to facilitate fast diffusion and high reversibility. Strategies such as coupling molybdenum diselenide with carbon materials and MXenes are proposed to improve electrical conductivity and structural stability. Overall, the study provides insights into the rational design of electrode materials to enhance the performance of alkali-ion batteries for energy storage systems.

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