BCCI’s T20 World Cup Prize Money: A Historical Comparison

BCCI announces prize money worth Rs 125 cr for Team India

The Indian cricket team’s triumphant T20 World Cup 2024 campaign concluded with a victory against South Africa in the final. This victory ended an 11-year drought for an ICC title, with the previous one being the 2013 Champions Trophy. To celebrate this achievement, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) announced a hefty cash reward of INR 125 crore for the Indian team, support staff, and coaching staff. This reward underscores the significance of the victory and the BCCI’s commitment to rewarding excellence.

BCCI’s Reward for 2024 Victory

The BCCI’s reward for the T20 World Cup 2024 campaign is unprecedented. Each of the 15 squad members will receive INR 5 crore, including those who did not play in a single game. Additionally, the four reserves will receive INR 2.5 crore each. Head coach Rahul Dravid will also receive INR 5 crore, matching the main team players’ rewards. The coaching staff will be awarded INR 1 crore each, while the backroom staff, including physios and throwdown specialists, will earn INR 2 crore each. The selectors will each receive INR 1 crore as well.

Historical Comparison: 2007 vs 2011 vs 2013

To understand the magnitude of the 2024 reward, it’s essential to compare it with the prize money from previous ICC titles won by India under MS Dhoni’s leadership.

In 2007, after winning the ICC World T20, the entire team was rewarded a cumulative sum of INR 12 crore. This was a significant amount at the time and marked the beginning of India’s dominance in limited-overs cricket.

The 2011 ODI World Cup saw the BCCI announce an initial prize money of INR 1 crore for each player. This amount was later revised to INR 2 crore per player, reflecting the immense national pride associated with the victory. The support staff received INR 50 lakh each, and the selectors were given rewards of INR 25 lakh each.

When India won the Champions Trophy in 2013, the BCCI announced a prize money of INR 1 crore for each player. The support staff earned INR 30 lakh each, which, while generous, pales in comparison to the rewards for the 2024 T20 World Cup.

A Testament to Growth and Success

The substantial increase in prize money over the years highlights the BCCI’s growing financial strength and its commitment to recognizing and rewarding success. The reward for the 2024 T20 World Cup reflects not only the victory itself but also the evolution of cricket in India and the increased commercial value of the sport. The financial rewards serve as an inspiration for future generations of cricketers, demonstrating that excellence and hard work in the sport are richly rewarded.

In summary, the BCCI’s announcement of INR 125 crore for the T20 World Cup 2024 winners sets a new benchmark in prize money for Indian cricket. This move celebrates the team’s success and highlights the evolution of financial rewards in Indian cricket over the years.

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