“Breaking News: Alec Baldwin Indicted in ‘Rust’ Shooting – Unraveling the Reopened Case”

Alec Baldwin Could Be Charged Again in ‘Rust’ Shooting Case – The New York Times

The website reports that actor Alec Baldwin has been indicted for involuntary manslaughter in the fatal 2021 shooting of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on the set of the movie “Rust” in New Mexico. Special prosecutors presented the case to a grand jury after receiving a new analysis of the gun involved in the incident. Baldwin claims he pulled back the hammer, not the trigger, causing the gun to discharge. Previous charges were dismissed, citing potential gun modifications and malfunctions, but the recent analysis, led by Lucien Haag, concluded that the trigger had to be pulled or depressed. The weapons supervisor, Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, faces charges and trial, while the assistant director, David Halls, pleaded no contest to unsafe firearm handling.

The website notes that Rust Movie Productions paid a $100,000 fine for safety protocol violations. Civil lawsuits, including wrongful death claims, have been filed against Baldwin and others, alleging lax safety standards. The FBI’s earlier analysis suggested the gun could fire without trigger pull under specific conditions. The filming of “Rust” resumed in Montana, with the cinematographer’s widower involved as an executive producer, following the suspension of civil lawsuits awaiting grand jury charges.

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