“Chelsea Handler’s Hilarious Triumph at Critics Choice Awards: A Recap of Laughter and Celebrations! πŸŽ‰”

Chelsea Handler To Host 2024 Critics Choice Awards: Deadline

Chelsea Handler, hosting the 29th Critics Choice Awards, delivered a monologue praising women in film, mocking studio executives, and poking fun at her ex-boyfriend, Jo Koy, who faced criticism for his Golden Globes hosting. Handler credited her writers when addressing Koy’s earlier monologue mishap. The comedian also humorously expressed her preference for older men like Harrison Ford and Robert De Niro.

Handler highlighted 2023 as a “horny” year for movies and TV, playfully mentioning sexually explicit films like Saltburn and Poor Things. She celebrated women’s victories across various fields, citing Barbie’s success, Taylor Swift and BeyoncΓ©’s tours, and Greta Gerwig becoming the highest-grossing female director with over $1.4 billion at the box office.

The host acknowledged the challenges faced by studio executives during combined actors’ and writers’ strikes, humorously noting their forced six-month vacation. Handler’s return as CCA host suggests a comfort with awards shows. In a promotional video, she playfully confronts an AI Handler replica, emphasizing her resilience and dismissing the notion of being replaced by artificial intelligence. Handler’s wit and comedic style were evident throughout the awards show, showcasing her ability to entertain and engage the audience.

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