“Coach Kim Mulkey’s Response to Washington Post Profile Sparks Controversy”

LSU coach Kim Mulkey lashes out at Washington Post, threatens legal action – The Washington Post

Kim Mulkey, the esteemed coach of LSU’s women’s basketball team, expressed her disregard for The Washington Post’s profile on her career. She emphasized not having read it and hinted at potential legal action if it contained falsehoods. Mulkey criticized the timing of the article’s release, just before a crucial game, suggesting it was meant to distract. She highlighted the reporter’s persistence over two years for an interview, culminating in a rushed request before a tournament game. The article itself delves into Mulkey’s personal and professional life, outlining her successes and controversies. Despite its comprehensive nature, Mulkey maintained her stance of non-engagement, expressing surprise at its publication timing and hinting at legal consultation to address any concerns. LSU’s response redirected inquiries to Mulkey’s statements, indicating a unified stance. Amidst ongoing tournament play, Mulkey’s focus remains on her team’s performance, underscoring her resilience amid media scrutiny.

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