“Congress Turmoil: Milind Deora’s Exit and Rahul Gandhi’s Yatra 2.0 Launch Amidst Alliance Challenges”

Explained: Why Milind Deora Quit Congress Just Ahead Of Polls

The article discusses Milind Deora’s departure from the Congress, overshadowing the launch of Rahul Gandhi’s Yatra 2.0. The exit highlights the fragility of the INDIA alliance, exposing Congress to assertive BJP maneuvers and revealing internal struggles. The virtual conclave’s partial boycott raises questions about alliance cohesion. Seat-sharing delays and Deora’s departure underscore challenges in the anti-Modi alliance. The article suggests the Congress’s accommodation approach may trigger similar defections.

Weather-induced delays for Rahul Gandhi’s Yatra 2.0 coincide with party inertia and myopia, exemplified by Deora’s exit. Former loyalists like Scindia defecting to the BJP showcase the Congress’s challenges. The article notes the BJP’s strategic placement of ex-Congress members in key roles, possibly influencing disgruntled Congress workers. It highlights the nepotism debate within Congress, comparing it unfavorably to the BJP’s merit-based selections. Noteworthy departures in Punjab, Assam, and Jammu and Kashmir further illustrate Congress’s waning influence.

The departure of Milind Deora, with family ties dating back 55 years, signifies a critical moment for the Congress. Jairam Ramesh’s dismissive comment contrasts with Salman Khurshid’s more subdued response. The historical context of Murli Deora’s contributions to Congress adds depth to understanding Milind’s move, suggesting a perspective rooted in political history. The article implies that without addressing internal issues, Congress may witness more exits, posing a challenge to Rahul Gandhi’s leadership.

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