“Bracing for Impact: Tropical Cyclone Megan’s Wrath Unleashed in Australia πŸŒ€ Stay Informed!

Australia’s north braces for Tropical Cyclone Megan – Times of India

Tropical Cyclone Megan has hit Australia’s Northern Territory, with wind gusts reaching 200 kilometers per hour (124 mph), heavy rain, and storm surges. It made landfall near Borroloola on the southwestern side of the Gulf of Carpentaria after impacting island communities. While initial fears of destructive winds and major flooding eased as the cyclone weakened, evacuations for Borroloola and McArthur River Mine were called off due to storm conditions. The storm caused significant rainfall, with Groote Eylandt experiencing almost 600 mm over the weekend, leading to flash flooding and damage to infrastructure. The cyclone is expected to continue inland, bringing heavy rain and possible flooding to the Carpentaria region. This event follows other recent cyclones in Australia, including Tropical Cyclone Jasper in December and Tropical Cyclone Kirrily in January, which caused widespread power outages and damage to coastal areas.

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