“Delhi’s G-20 Makeover Sparks Political Showdown: Funding Fiasco Unveiled”

AAP said only the projects on roads by NDMC and NHAI have been funded by the Center.

The preparations for Delhi’s G-20 Summit have ignited a dispute between the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) regarding funding sources. The BJP asserts that the entire makeover was financed by central funds, a claim rebuked by AAP. The BJP, aiming to leverage India’s international status for the upcoming assembly election, emphasizes the centrality of G20’s presidency and the event’s hosting in the nation’s plans.

State BJP leader Virendraa Sachdeva attributes Delhi’s beautification to central government funds and criticizes AAP for allegedly trying to claim credit. AAP counters by stating that only projects on NDMC and NHAI roads received central funding, clarifying that their government had invested in other aspects of development.

The contrasting claims reflect the political rift between the parties, with AAP accusing the BJP of engaging in “dirty politics.” The ongoing back-and-forth reveals the complex dynamics surrounding Delhi’s makeover efforts.

As India readies itself for the high-profile G-20 Summit hosting, these disagreements cast a shadow over the city’s preparations, highlighting the broader competition between political factions to stake claims and control the narrative. With the event’s significance on both international and domestic stages, the debate underscores the intricate interplay between infrastructure development, political agendas, and image projection.

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