“DeSantis Withdraws: Endorses Trump for 2024. A Political Shift Unveiled!”

Ron DeSantis suspends presidential bid and endorses Trump after campaign meltdown: 2024 live updates

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has withdrawn from the 2024 presidential race, endorsing Donald Trump ahead of the New Hampshire Republican primary, where DeSantis polled poorly. Once a strong contender, DeSantis cited a lack of a clear path to victory for his decision. Nikki Haley, Trump’s remaining challenger, positioned herself as the only candidate capable of defeating President Joe Biden. DeSantis, in a video statement, pledged his support for Trump, recognizing disagreements but emphasizing Trump’s superiority over Biden.

Trump, leading the polls after a 51% victory in Iowa, garnered loud cheers for DeSantis’s endorsement. DeSantis had presented himself as a candidate aligned with Trump’s agenda without the associated drama. However, some supporters, including Florida Representative Matt Gaetz, referred to him as “diet Trump,” and attendees expressed preference for Trump’s immediate return to the presidency.

After DeSantis’s exit, the Trump campaign urged Republicans to rally behind Trump, labeling Haley as “the candidate of globalists and Democrats.” DeSantis criticized Haley as part of the old Republican guard, while she asserted herself as the conservative candidate capable of defeating Biden. The race now appears to be consolidating between Trump and Haley, with DeSantis narrowly surpassing her in the Iowa caucuses but withdrawing ahead of the New Hampshire primary.

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