“Disillusionment in Ladakh: Unfulfilled Promises and Calls for Action”

Disillusioned, Ladakh Turns to Protests – The Diplomat

The article features climate activist Sonam Wangchuk’s concerns about Ladakh’s status as a Union Territory. He expresses disillusionment over unmet promises from the BJP regarding Ladakh’s autonomy and protection of its identity. Wangchuk highlights the absence of democratic representation and local reservation, affecting both civilian morale and the military. Despite initial celebration over Ladakh’s Union Territory status, there’s now widespread disappointment and a feeling of being misled by political agendas. Wangchuk emphasizes the need for reassurance from the government and advocates for a multi-party legally binding agreement to address Ladakh’s grievances. He also calls for nationwide and international support, with planned protests and efforts to raise awareness about Ladakh’s situation. The article reflects a growing discontent among Ladakhi residents and efforts to mobilize broader support for their cause.

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