“From Professor to ‘PhD Sabzi Wala’: Dr. Sandeep Singh’s Inspiring Journey in Pursuit of Passion”

Learning life lessons from PhD Sabziwala : The Tribune India

Dr. Sandeep Singh, a 39-year-old man in Punjab with a PhD and four Master’s degrees, has turned to selling vegetables after leaving his 11-year position as a contractual professor in Punjabi University’s law department. Facing financial difficulties due to irregular pay and salary cuts, he now sells vegetables to sustain his family. Despite his career shift, Dr. Singh maintains his dedication to education, expressing a desire to save money and open a tuition center in the future. His vegetable-selling venture, marked by a board reading “PhD Sabzi Wala,” has proven more financially viable than his previous teaching job. Dr. Singh navigates his daily routine, selling vegetables door-to-door with a vegetable cart, and diligently studies for his ongoing pursuit of further academic qualifications. This story highlights the resilience of an educated individual facing economic challenges and showcases his determination to continue pursuing his passion for teaching despite current adversities.

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