“Elon Musk’s $56B Loss: Delaware Judge Invalidates Tesla Pay Package”

A judge voids Elon Musk’s ‘unfathomable’ $56 billion Tesla pay package

Elon Musk suffered a significant setback as a Delaware judge invalidated his $56 billion Tesla pay package due to a lawsuit from a former heavy metal drummer, Richard Tornetta. The judge criticized the exorbitant sum and its unfairness to shareholders. Tornetta, who accused Musk of improperly influencing negotiations, owned nine Tesla shares at the time. Musk’s response to the ruling was a tweet advising against incorporating companies in Delaware. Tornetta, now focused on industrial design, reminisced about his music career, citing influences like Mike Portnoy and Dave Weckl. Meanwhile, in unrelated news, John Oliver characterized Musk as thin-skinned in response to Musk’s comments about him. Oliver expressed uncertainty about Musk’s motives, attributing his behavior to sensitivity.

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