“Embracing Love and Growth: Anne Hathaway Blooms in ‘The Idea of You’ 🌹

Anne Hathaway Wanted to ‘Tell the Story of a Woman Blooming’ in “The Idea of You”: ‘Incredibly Moved’ (Exclusive)

Anne Hathaway, reflecting on her role in “The Idea of You,” expressed a deep connection to her character, Soléne, describing both herself and Soléne as “adventurous” in love. Hathaway emphasized the importance of portraying a woman “blooming” despite past hardships, highlighting the character’s journey from fear to embracing new love. The film, adapted from Robinne Lee’s novel, features Soléne, a divorcée, finding romance with Hayes, a younger boy band member, and Hathaway found it thrilling to be part of the project. She lamented the scarcity of stories about human growth at any age, challenging the notion that coming-of-age narratives only apply to youth. Hathaway, alongside co-star Nicholas Galitzine, shared anecdotes from filming, including a bonding experience during a challenging scene. The film, exploring the complexities of love and fame, received significant attention, with its trailer becoming the most-watched for an original streaming movie. Hathaway expressed gratitude for the audience’s response and excitement for the film’s premiere on Prime Video on May 2.

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