“Experience the Future: Apple Vision Pro Now Available in US Apple Stores!”

The first customer celebrates his purchase of the new Apple Vision Pro.

Apple Vision Pro has launched in Apple Store locations across the U.S., introducing a groundbreaking spatial computer that redefines work, collaboration, connection, memory recall, and entertainment experiences. At the Apple Fifth Avenue store in New York City, customers joined Apple team members to celebrate the arrival of this innovative product. Exclusive to Apple Store locations, customers can engage in guided demo experiences, enhancing their understanding and excitement about the capabilities of Apple Vision Pro. In-store demos can be booked, and the product can be purchased both in-store and online through apple.com and the Apple Store app. Vision Pro integrates digital content seamlessly into the physical environment, offering immersive spatial experiences through visionOS, controlled by intuitive inputs like eye movement, hand gestures, and voice commands. The product boasts access to over 1 million compatible apps from the App Store, including 600 new experiences designed specifically to leverage the unique features of Vision Pro.

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