Unveiling India’s First Eight-Lane Expressway: The Marvel of Engineering!

A Glimpse Of Dwarka Expressway, India’s First 8-Lane Elevated Road

The Dwarka Expressway, introduced by Union Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari, is hailed as a marvel of engineering and India’s first eight-lane elevated expressway. This four-package highway spans 563 km, connecting Shiv Murti on National Highway 8 to Kherki Daula toll plaza in Gurugram. Notably, 1,200 trees were retransplanted, marking an environmentally conscious effort. The project promises to enhance connectivity between Delhi and Haryana, with projected travel times from Dwarka to Manesar at 15 minutes, Manesar to Indira Gandhi International Airport at 20 minutes, Dwarka to Singhu border at 25 minutes, and Manesar to Singhu border at 45 minutes. Moreover, the expressway will bolster accessibility to the International Convention Centre in Dwarka, Sector 25.

The expressway’s construction boasts impressive figures, including the use of two lakh tonnes of steel, surpassing the Eiffel Tower’s steel consumption by 30 times, and 20 lakh cubic meters of cement concrete, exceeding the Burj Khalifa’s usage by six times. The development also features three-lane service roads on both sides and strategically placed entry points to alleviate traffic congestion. Nitin Gadkari’s unveiling of the expressway on social media highlights the anticipation and excitement surrounding this futuristic infrastructure, destined to redefine travel efficiency in the region.

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