“Discover How a Fasting-Mimicking Diet Can Reverse Biological Age! 🍽️✨”

In a study, people reversed their biological age by almost 3 years on a diet that mimics fasting. Here’s what they ate. Business Insider India

The website discusses a study indicating that adhering to a fasting-like diet for five days per month may reduce biological age by around 2 ½ years. Unlike chronological age, biological age reflects cellular and tissue function. The diet, developed by Valter Longo’s lab at USC’s Leonard Davis School of Gerontology, aims to replicate the benefits of water-only fasts while ensuring essential nutrient intake. Water-only fasting typically involves consuming only water for 24 to 72 hours. The study suggests that this diet regimen could have significant anti-aging effects, potentially rejuvenating cells and tissues. This finding raises interest in dietary interventions as a means to promote longevity and improve overall health.

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