“Fear Factor Flashback: Joe Rogan’s Candid Confession on Show’s Uncertain Fate”

98% of the time I was high as f**k”- Joe Rogan reveals how he got through Fear Factor as a host

In a recent podcast with Mike Tyson, Joe Rogan, known for his UFC commentary and podcasting, revealed his anxiety about hosting the show “Fear Factor.” Rogan, who hosted the show for five seasons from 2001 to 2006, expressed concerns about its controversial content and the possibility of its cancellation. Despite being drawn to violent stunts and combat, Rogan found the show’s grotesque challenges, such as eating eyeballs and other extreme tasks, unsettling. He admitted to initially thinking the show would be canceled due to its outrageous nature. Rogan’s penchant for satire even helped him secure the hosting role after poking fun at the show.

The podcast conversation revealed Rogan’s belief that the show’s cancellation was inevitable. Despite his predictions, “Fear Factor” continued to be popular, even after briefly going off the air. Rogan’s insights about the show’s bizarre and controversial nature, combined with his advocacy for marijuana and psychedelics, showcased a side of him not commonly associated with his public persona. Despite his initial doubts and concerns, the show’s unconventional content and shocking challenges captivated audiences, defying Rogan’s expectations of its longevity. One episode involving a “Horse Juice” challenge is highlighted as particularly controversial.

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