“From Layoff to Leap: Mariana Kobayashi’s Career Journey”

I got laid off from my dream job at LinkedIn. Six months later, I got an offer from Google for almost double the salary. Business Insider India

The article recounts Mariana Kobayashi’s experience of being laid off from LinkedIn in May 2023 and subsequently finding a higher-paying job at Google after six months of traveling. Kobayashi initially viewed LinkedIn as her dream job but was shocked by the sudden layoff, leading her to reevaluate her attachment to the company. She reflects on the bubble-like environment at LinkedIn and advises against tying self-worth to employment. Kobayashi suggests that LinkedIn’s layoffs were due to over-hiring post-pandemic, impacting company culture and leading to resignations among her peers. Despite the initial setback, Kobayashi sees the layoff as an opportunity for personal growth and career advancement, culminating in her acceptance of a role at Google’s Dublin office. Her story underscores the resilience required in navigating career challenges and the potential for positive outcomes from unexpected transitions.

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