“Navigating India’s Political Landscape: From Religion to Power Play 🕊️🤝”

Power Play: India’s Shifting Political Landscape | Institut Montaigne

The opinion piece, “The Changing Role Of Religion In Politics,” explores the evolution of religion’s impact on Indian politics. It credits LK Advani for introducing the Ram Mandir issue and Prime Minister Narendra Modi for bringing it to fruition. The author notes a shift from pre-Advani times when religion in politics was not mainstream. In the Modi era, religion has become central, influencing political dynamics.

The article compares Nehru’s vision of secularism—where the state avoids aligning with any religion—with Modi’s open embrace of Hinduism. It argues that religion’s current role is reduced to exhibitionism due to its politicization. Gandhi’s stance on religion in politics is also discussed, emphasizing the primacy of ethics and moral values.

The analysis traces the BJP’s growth, particularly after the Ayodhya movement, attributing its success to effective exploitation of religious sentiments. The Ram Mandir’s construction is highlighted as a key element shaping contemporary politics, overshadowing issues like price rise and unemployment. The piece concludes by questioning if Modi’s approach aligns with Gandhi’s original idea of religion in politics.

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