“From Wealth to Wisdom: Gujarat Couple’s Journey to Monkhood”

Gujrati couple donated Rs.200 crores for ‘this’ reason. Click to know more – PUNE PULSE

The article discusses the philanthropic gesture of Bhavesh Bhandari, a businessman from Himmatnagar, Gujarat, and his wife, who have donated nearly ₹200 crore to embrace monkhood. Inspired by their children, who had earlier chosen the ascetic path, the couple aims to renounce material possessions and lead a life of spiritual devotion. After an official commitment ceremony, they will relinquish all familial ties and possessions, living solely on alms and adhering to Jain principles of non-violence.

Their decision, amidst their affluent status, has drawn significant attention, akin to other wealthy individuals who have embraced monkhood in the past. Notably, the Bhandari couple’s procession, where they donated all belongings, showcased their dedication to this path. This narrative is contrasted with instances of other affluent families in Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh who have similarly renounced wealth to pursue spiritual fulfillment, albeit with some controversy regarding the welfare of their children left behind.

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