Google Debunks Rumors: Gmail Here to Stay!

Here to stay’ — Gmail debunks purported removal from Google

The article featured on NDTV-addresses rumors circulating on social media platforms about Gmail’s alleged shutdown in August. It clarifies that Google has refuted these rumors, asserting that Gmail will continue its services. The rumors stemmed from a screenshot purportedly from Google, announcing Gmail’s closure on August 1, 2024. However, Google officially debunked this claim, affirming Gmail’s longevity. Tech experts chimed in, explaining that while Google ceased the HTML-only version of Gmail in January 2024, the standard @gmail service remains unaffected. The article also mentions unrelated controversies surrounding Google, such as backlash over its AI image tool, Gemini, which generated racially diverse Nazi soldier images. Overall, the piece emphasizes Google’s denial of the Gmail shutdown rumors and provides context about the HTML version’s discontinuation.

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