“Google Settles Privacy Lawsuit: Incognito Data Deletion & Transparency Wins”

Google to delete search data of millions who used ‘incognito’ mode : NPR

Google has settled a lawsuit by agreeing to delete vast amounts of search data. The suit alleged that Google tracked millions of users in the US who believed they were browsing privately. The proposed settlement, if approved, mandates Google to delete billions of records associated with users of Chrome’s incognito mode. This move is hailed as a step towards ensuring transparency in how tech companies handle user data. The settlement does not entail cash damages but offers an option for affected Chrome users to sue separately for monetary compensation. The lawsuit initially sought $5 billion in damages. Google spokesman Jorge Castaneda expressed satisfaction with the settlement, stating that Google is happy to delete old technical data not linked to individuals. The lawsuit targeted Google’s “Incognito Mode,” which users believed would prevent tracking by the tech giant. However, internal emails revealed that Google still tracked users in incognito mode for measuring web traffic and ad sales. As part of the settlement, Google is required to block third-party tracking cookies by default in Incognito Mode for the next five years. This move aligns with Google’s previous announcement to eliminate third-party cookies, although its implementation has faced delays.

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