Unravelling the Mystery: The Haunted Government Primary School Building in Jammu

The depiction of the haunted Government primary school building



This is merely a factual, non-fiction account of a primary school building where the morning session of the school formerly met on a regular basis, despite the fact that many of the events related to it occasionally occurred in front of me and my friends. I can attest to the terrifying occurrences, including the presence of ghostly bodies, the movement of hazy, shadowy objects through the iron rods of the windows, and the numerous violent sounds emanating from the mouths of the recognized persons. Regarding the “truth and how” of these things, I still have a question. The story is incredibly exciting. While reading some of the true incidents in it, the reader feels a genuine shudder go down their spine.

A Haunted Government Primary School Building

The Haunted Building

Most of my readers would think about my shifting from my usual articles in the ‘Marketing and Sales’ section to the Haunted stuff. Yes, I am jotting down the fact that I had seen growing from a child to an adult in Jammu because this building was right opposite the frontal side of my residence facing towards the east. It was an old building with ancient construction, having four floors with multiple rooms and an old staircase that was almost broken, with broken bricks coming out of it. This building had the look of an enormous structure, which in our local language would be called an-English Kothi, meaning the old construction by the Britishers during their regime in the early nineteenth century. I was living in this old area of Jammu and we had hardly three or four such old ‘Kothis’ there in the same area called the ‘Julaka Mohalla’-Jammu

There was a similar big Kothi near our residence, which was also of the same pattern, but it was maintained very well, and some government officials were living with proper security and maintenance being kept in its adjacent garden area. People would love to go to that side in the evening and spend time there since it was facing the river ‘Tawi’ from the eastern side and was quite airy because it was open at the other end of the hilltop. It had an exquisite view of the mountains, with the river passing at a far end. This building was known as the “Sheikh Amin Ki Kothi,” just to give a real comparison between the primary school building and this Kothi. People would deliberately avoid going near the primary school building, especially at night or during the darkness, since it was known as the haunted one.

Unravelling the Mystery: The Haunted Government Primary School Building in Jammu
Depiction of Evil Spirits
Unravelling the Mystery: The Haunted Government Primary School Building in Jammu
Inside the haunted building.

Jockey-My Friend Was Shouting In High Pitched Mysterious Voice:

I had seen nothing wrong or unusual happening in this so-called haunted building until I was around sixteen. It happened so that one of my friends, ‘Jockey’, who was living in the house just next to this so-called haunted building, once had a very high fever, and he was shouting in some mysterious voice, which never seemed to be his voice during that high fever. I remember that my mother and some more ladies from the surrounding neighborhood had gone to his house and were there in quite a good number. I, too, went to that place just to see what exactly had happened to him. I saw a gentleman who was known in the local language as the ‘Faandewala’ doing some pooja on him, reciting some shlokas, and moving a knife horizontally on his body. I could not see any further because I was sent back immediately by my mother. But what I later gathered from her was that the same mysterious voice had mentioned to that man doing some pooja that it was leaving his body and would not spare the man doing pooja. ‘Jockey’ my friend had fallen asleep immediately after that voice had stopped. Later, after a few days, we came to know that Jockey’s fever too had subsided, and he was normal and had attended college. This incident was related to the ghosts of the same primary school building, and it made the people around it more cautious afterward.

Fire Balls Erupting From The Building During Night:

My friends who were also living there in the vicinity would tell me that during the summers at midnight they had seen the fireballs erupting out of the top floor of the building, and the next day in the morning they would find nothing, as if the whole show of what they saw in the night was just a nightmare. Likewise, many such stories were related to people around the neighborhood.

Unravelling the Mystery: The Haunted Government Primary School Building in Jammu
The activity of taking the evil spirit out

A Unique Incidence—A Newly Wed Couple Fled Away From That Haunted-Building Amid Night:

One night, I saw around fifteen to twenty people gathering from the surrounding neighborhood and and entering the dark building at around 9.30 p.m. It was very horrifying only because there was no electricity in the building. When I also went and inquired about what exactly had happened, we came to know that there was a newly married young couple who had entered the same building and occupied one room on the first floor. Here they had been living for some days, and that day they had shouted badly for help. So, these people had gathered to help them, and when they reached their room, they said that the whole dinner that this couple had prepared was all missing, and even their other things, like the garments and utensils, were also missing. They too had been saying that they were feeling afraid & horrified while staying there since they were listening to some very sadistic voices during the entire night and would not sleep at all. They immediately picked up their remaining goods and fled away. I still, after listening to this whole story, did not believe that there was something unusual in the building.

Unravelling the Mystery: The Haunted Government Primary School Building in Jammu

Blurry Images like seen inside the building.   

Unravelling the Mystery: The Haunted Government Primary School Building in Jammu

Yet Another Incidence Happening in The Vicinity:

However, another instance made me believe that the building was a haunted one. This time again, a similar thing-what ‘Jockey’ my friend had faced—happens to one elderly person named ‘Kasturi’. He had been living there for over three decades and was a vegetable merchant known locally as “Arditti.”. He was so near to my residence that I was taking a bath, and suddenly I heard a very sharp lady’s voice mentioning that she would not leave him (Kasturi). The voice was a very high-pitched one, and within no time, almost all the people in the surrounding area gathered there outside his residence. I too went to the top terrace and saw the entire episode. What I observed was that no one was daring to enter his residence, whereas his wife too had come out seeking the help of the people. Their two children had gone to school. This lady’s voice was talking about some place where she had come from and entered his body and would not be leaving till the time she took him along. Which meant that she would take his life and then only would leave his body. After almost two hours, some people entered the residence and did some ‘Pooja’ to him in what they called in their local language ‘Faanda’. The voice which was coming out suddenly stopped and Kasturi too started talking in his own voice-which was amazing. With this happening, which I saw myself, I also started believing that there was something unusual in the Primary School Building- and became very cautious and fearful too.

Unravelling the Mystery: The Haunted Government Primary School Building in Jammu
The activity of Taking The Evil Spirit Out.

Proper Functioning Of Primary School In The Morning Session:

The beauty was that in the morning hours, there was a proper school functioning from first to fifth grade, and by 2., the school would get closed. Nothing untoward was happening during that time and even the teachers and students were all happily conducting their usual activities. This school had been functioning for quite some years and nothing unusual was reported. It was only during the dark hours that things were happening or if certain unusual things as mentioned above had happened; they were mainly happening in the nearby vicinity and not on the premises of the school itself.

Moving paranormal structures

White Ghost Structures Seen Walking Through Window-Iron Rods:

My friend who was living on the southwest side of the same old school building used to come to the ground section of the same school quite early in the morning to get the drinking water from the custodian tap. Many families who had no water connection around fifty years back used to come to that custodian tap and collect the water for the day’s consumption. My friend, whose name was ‘Jai Kishun’ once in the morning, saw two shady structures approaching him in the early morning hours of the winter while he was collecting the water from the same tap. This was confirmed by another boy, who, too, was standing beside him. Those structures were looking like white fumes and they just passed through the windows of the same school building inside through the iron rods and nothing happened to them. These two poor chaps got so horrified that they left their buckets on the ground near the tap only and ran away to their homes. Later on, during the daytime, I came to know that ‘Jai Kishun’ had a very high fever as well. He had stopped going to the same spot and his elder brother started going instead to fetch drinking water. We used to think that this was just an illusion for the people who had seen such impossible things, but later I heard a similar story from my aunt during those days only. She, too, had seen the fumy structures of human bodies coming into her bedroom through the windows, which also had the iron rods fixed into them. According to her, the shades of human bodies passed through the rods, without affecting the iron rod structures. Her house was situated on the hilltop of Jammu in the Hari Palace.

Moving paranormal images

I Lived There For Fifteen Years But Did Not See Anything Like That:

I lived in that house which was situated opposite that haunted Primary School from 1967 to 1982 and had heard many such stories from the reliable people of stature. I mean, after listening to such mature persons, one would take all this as the truth. But one thing which has always been lurking in my mind was -why such incidents were not seen or felt by me when I was there most of the time around? I remember during early mornings and even at the night; I used to pass that side quick. It was mainly because I had heard so much about that place. Simply because of fear-psychosis inflicted by such stories. I, therefore, had also started avoiding passing through that side in the dark.

I stayed there till 1982 and very late in 2015, I visited that place again and saw the same building now totally repaired and people around also saying that nothing untoward happened later from that so-called haunted building. The school still was functioning as a ‘Primary School’ and the get-up of the building was so good that no one could make out that it used to be a haunted place earlier where so many happenings took place.

Were They So Much Terrified That THEY Did Not Want To Talk About Again:

Out of those friends, I am in touch with some of them who had faced such stories of the haunted building. My friend ‘Jockey’ simply changed the topic when I mentioned about his story related to the same haunted building. Thus, only one question is lurking in my mind: what the exact truth was about all these happenings? I had listened to lady voices coming from the male person named Kasturi and people like Jai Kishun running a very high fever. They are not even ready to discuss that matter even now, after so many decades.

To Me All That Is Still A Mystery?

Unravelling the Mystery: The Haunted Government Primary School Building in Jammu


In Jammu, the eerie government elementary school building is still a mystery that raises more questions than it does solutions. The unnerving encounters that locals have had, the mysterious fireballs, creepy buildings, and ominous voices all contribute to the attraction of the paranormal. Even if the structure is now rejuvenated, people who saw its strange presence in the past are still haunted by the recollections of it.

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Is the eerie public elementary school still open?

Yes, the school still runs as a primary educational facility, holding courses during the day.

Were there any further spooky occurrences nearby?

In addition to the haunted building, there have been several reports of paranormal activity in the neighborhood.

What happened to the couple that took refuge in the eerie structure?

After hearing strange voices and seeing their stuff disappear, the wedding couple left the building.

Is the paranormal phenomenon supported by science?

Despite various theories, there is still no scientific explanation for the events that take place in the haunted structure.

Has anyone tried to look into the school’s paranormal activities?

No formal reports or studies have been made to support the allegations of paranormal activity, despite their being rumors of investigations.