“Hawaii Wildfires: Residents Flee as Blazes Spread”

Fires on Hawaii’s Maui island kill at least 6 as blazes force people to flee flames – CBS News

The state of Hawaii is grappling with ferocious wildfires, leading to an extended emergency proclamation for all counties. Residents are recounting harrowing experiences as the blazes spread rapidly due to dry conditions and powerful trade winds driven by high and low pressure systems. Steve Scott, a Maui resident, described the unprecedented winds and how he had to flee to the harbor to escape the flames. Malika Dudley shared her account of evacuating her home in the middle of the night, describing how the fire escalated swiftly. The fires have caused significant loss, particularly in downtown Lahaina, which was just recovering from the pandemic’s impact.

Acting Governor Sylvia Luke issued an emergency proclamation, urging non-essential air travel to Maui to be discouraged and visitors to leave when it is safe. The Hawaii National Guard has been activated to support emergency responders, and the U.S. Army’s 25th Infantry Division will assist with fire suppression if conditions permit. The situation remains dynamic, with multiple fires burning over 1,800 acres across Maui and the Big Island. The Coast Guard and other agencies are also responding, having rescued individuals who jumped into the water to escape the flames. Travel has been disrupted, causing delays and panic among passengers.

The wildfires’ impact on residents, infrastructure, and travel highlights the urgent need for coordinated response and relief efforts.

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