“Heartwarming Rescue: Gurugram’s Kidnapping Turns into Tale of Compassion”

Kidnapping for no money

The incident reported from Gurugram initially appeared to be a kidnapping case, but it turned out to be devoid of any monetary motive. A man reported his child’s disappearance to the Gurugram Police, leading to an investigation by the Anti-Human Trafficking Unit. Through CCTV footage and surveillance, they located the accused, Dharampal, in Gurugram village, Garhi, and rescued the child safely.

Dharampal, aged 45, confessed that he hadn’t intended to abduct the child for ransom. He claimed to have spotted the child playing alone in Ram Vihar and, finding him cute, decided to raise him as his own. After picking up the child, he disappeared from the scene. The police confirmed the child’s rescue, medical examination, and subsequent return to his family.

The case continues to be under investigation as authorities delve deeper into the circumstances surrounding the incident.

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