“Hungary President’s Resignation: A Turning Point in Child Protection Advocacy”

Hungary’s president resigns in unusual setback for ruling party | Hungary | The Guardian

Hungarian President Katalin Novak, a key ally of Prime Minister Viktor Orban, resigned amidst public uproar over pardoning a man involved in a child sexual abuse case. The pardon, granted to a former deputy director of a children’s home who concealed his boss’s abuse, sparked nationwide outrage. Novak apologized for her mistake and pledged support for victims, emphasizing her commitment to safeguarding children and families. Following her resignation, another Orban supporter, former Justice Minister Judit Varga, withdrew from public life. Critics argue that significant decisions in Hungary, including Novak and Varga’s resignations, are likely orchestrated with Orban’s approval. Amidst public pressure, Orban proposed amending the constitution to prevent pardons for pedophiles, aiming to placate public anger. Novak’s departure underscores the male-dominated landscape of Hungarian politics, with no women in Orban’s cabinet since mid-2023.

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