India’s G20 Leadership: Shaping Global Concerns and Driving Performance

BT Exclusive: ‘This G20 Reflects the Voice of the Global South,’ says PM Narendra Modi

The article featuring in ‘Business Times’ discusses India’s G20 presidency, emphasizing its role in shaping global issues such as multilateral development banks, African Union inclusion, and climate action. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s leadership is highlighted, showcasing his efforts to address concerns of the Global South. In an exclusive interview with Business Today, Modi outlines India’s accomplishments and aspirations. He asserts that India’s image isn’t merely built through summits but by concrete performance.

The G20 summit is viewed in a broader context, reflecting shifts in discussions towards human-centric development and inclusivity. Modi’s aspirations for India’s presidency include restoring credibility to multilateral institutions and uniting the world on common challenges, like climate change. He emphasizes action-oriented thinking, financial support for climate initiatives, and the importance of technology transfer.

Regarding cryptocurrencies, Modi advocates for a global framework based on a consensus model, considering the concerns of the Global South. India’s G20 presidency expanded discussions on crypto, reaching a consensus on its macroeconomic implications. The article highlights India’s detailed and action-oriented roadmap for the future.

In summary, the article underscores India’s influential role in shaping global discourse on various issues during its G20 presidency, and Modi’s commitment to performance-driven solutions.

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