“India’s Vice President Affirms Judicial Strength: No Lessons Needed on Rule of Law”

India don’t need lessons from any country on rule of law – Vice President – THE NEW INDIAN

Vice President Jagdeep Dhankhar of India reaffirmed the strength of India’s democracy and judiciary, asserting that the country does not require guidance on the rule of law from external entities. His remarks followed comments from the US, Germany, and the United Nations concerning the arrest of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and the freezing of Congress’ bank accounts. Dhankhar emphasized the principle of “equality before law” in India, highlighting accountability for those who believe themselves above the law. He criticized the reaction of certain groups, particularly referring to an upcoming rally by the AAP, stating that resorting to street protests undermines the legal process. Dhankhar praised India’s judicial system as robust, independent, and pro-people, questioning the justification for street demonstrations against legal actions. He also addressed corruption, emphasizing that it no longer provides immunity but leads to incarceration. India’s response to comments from the US and Germany was to summon their envoys, denouncing the remarks as biased and unwarranted, while no reaction has been given to the UN’s statement.

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