“Inside Elon Musk’s Modest Home: A Rare Glimpse at the Billionaire’s Simple Lifestyle”

Inside photos of Tesla CEO and world’s second-richest man, Elon Musk’s, new stunning home

The article discusses a photo purportedly showing Elon Musk’s modest kitchen and living room, shared by his biographer, Walter Isaacson. Musk reportedly opted for a simpler lifestyle, selling his luxurious properties and residing in a two-bedroom house in Boca Chica, TX, near SpaceX’s launch site. The photo reveals an open-concept space with no barrier between the living room and kitchen, featuring a wooden table where Musk conducts business calls. Items such as a sword, books, board games, and a replica rocket adorn the living room. The wall displays a poster of a science fiction magazine, and a Tesla Plaid Mode jacket hangs over a chair. Musk’s decision to sell off most of his possessions aligns with his announcement to own no house. Despite his immense wealth, Musk is described as living modestly, reminiscent of his college days when he lived on $1 a day for food. The photo evoked mixed reactions, with some praising Musk’s simplicity and others expressing surprise at his modest accommodations.

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