“Kelly Clarkson Opens Up About Weight Loss Journey: Medication, Health, and Transformation”

Kelly Clarkson addresses Ozempic rumours after dramatic weight loss transformation – Wales Online

Kelly Clarkson addressed rumors about her weight loss on “The Kelly Clarkson Show,” revealing that she has lost weight due to medication, specifically not Ozempic. She discussed her weight loss journey with guest Whoopi Goldberg, emphasizing that her situation was different from what people assumed. Clarkson highlighted her concerns about her deteriorating health, leading her to start medication when her bloodwork worsened. While she did not disclose the name of the medication, she described it as aiding in breaking down sugar, which her body struggled with due to existing thyroid issues. Clarkson candidly shared her shock at seeing herself on tape at her heaviest, expressing gratitude for her manager’s support. Previously, she had disclosed being pre-diabetic and attributed her weight loss to dietary changes and increased activity. Clarkson emphasized the importance of listening to her doctor’s advice and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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