Overcoming Backlash: Mahira Khan’s Journey Through Depression and Triumph

Mahira Khan recalls how she battled depression due to the backlash and ban from Bollywood right the Uri attack in 2016 – Masala

In a recent interview, Pakistani actress Mahira Khan revealed her battle with mental health issues, specifically manic depression. The trigger for her worsened mental state was her foray into Bollywood through the movie “Raees,” where she starred alongside Shah Rukh Khan in 2017. She attributed her exacerbated mental health to the backlash she received, particularly concerning images of her smoking with actor Ranbir Kapoor that went viral. The negative feedback led to anxiety, depression, and panic attacks, prompting her to seek therapy. She expressed how the constant online criticism shattered her faith and took a toll on her overall well-being. Mahira also discussed the challenges faced by Pakistani actors in Bollywood post the 2016 Uri attack, leading to their ban from working in the Indian film industry.

Furthermore, Mahira Khan spoke about her desire for “Raees” to be released in Pakistan despite the political tensions, as Shah Rukh Khan enjoys immense popularity there. The article also briefly mentions Mahira’s involvement in Netflix’s upcoming Pakistan-themed original series alongside Fawad Khan and Sanam Saeed. The show is an adaptation of a bestselling novel and revolves around two characters with troubled pasts. Mahira Khan’s busy schedule in the entertainment industry is also highlighted.

In summary, Mahira Khan’s interview sheds light on her struggles with mental health triggered by backlash, her aspirations despite political tensions, and her upcoming projects in the entertainment industry.

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