“McDonald’s Global Tech Disruption: Behind the Scenes”

McDonald’s is back online after “technology outage”: Read company’s statement – Times of India

McDonald’s has attributed the global disruption that led to the closure of many of its fast-food outlets to a configuration alteration by a third-party service provider, rather than a cyberattack.

As per a statement released by the company’s Chief Information Officer, Brian Rice, the worldwide technology system disruption commenced around midnight CDT on Friday.

Despite the identification and swift correction of the root issues, some McDonald’s outlets continue to be affected by the disruption.

“While many markets have restored their services, others are still in the process of recovery. We are actively collaborating with those markets encountering persistent issues,” Rice stated.

Significantly, the company clarified that the disruption did not stem directly from a cybersecurity incident but rather from a modification by a third-party provider during a configuration alteration.

In a separate communication distributed to employees via the company’s OTP portal, McDonald’s assured that efforts are underway to resolve the issue, with all impacted stores and systems gradually returning online.

McDonald’s employee alert McDonald’s employee alert (Reddit user aspieboy99) When contacted by BleepingComputer, a McDonald’s spokesperson was unavailable to elucidate the meaning of “not directly caused by a cybersecurity event.”

The extensive IT disruption affected restaurants globally, spanning the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, Australia, Canada, the Netherlands, Italy, and New Zealand.

“We are addressing a technology disruption that affected our restaurants; resolution efforts are underway,” McDonald’s informed BleepingComputer.

McDonald’s Japan issued an apology earlier today, acknowledging the temporary closure of numerous locations due to ongoing point-of-sale (POS) system disruptions.

Outage notification at McDonald’s restaurant Outage notification at McDonald’s restaurant (Reddit user SnooObjections4329) Employees took to social media to express their inability to process orders, operate cash registers, or handle payments due to POS system failures.

“I’m in the US, and all the restaurants in my franchise are currently offline—I’m inundated with messages from restaurant managers about it,” posted a McDonald’s employee on Reddit.

“Yeah, we’re resorting to manual orders and cash payments. Already had seven disgruntled customers, so this is quite the adventure,” shared another employee.

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