“Mean Girls Showdown: A Musical Face-Off Through the Years 🎶🎬”

Mean Girls: Movie musical version of 2004 teen classic is so fetching | CBC News

The 2024 adaptation of Mean Girls, derived from the 2018 Broadway musical, is evaluated against the iconic 2004 film. Regina George’s portrayal by René Rapp earns praise for musicality, charm, and humor, but a softening of the character’s edge is criticized. Cady Heron, played by Angourie Rice, receives a mediocre review, with the musical’s songs deemed inferior. Humor in the new Mean Girls is acknowledged as funny but loses points for rehashing original jokes. Fashion faces criticism for lacking the iconic looks of the original, and musical numbers are criticized for cringey execution.

While the cast’s youthfulness in the new adaptation is appreciated, their earnestness in delivering the storyline is considered a drawback. Notable performances include Avantika as Karen Smith/Shetty and Busy Philipps as Regina’s mom. The analysis delves into diversity, empowerment messages, and the film’s generational essence. Despite commendable efforts in representation, the adaptation falls short of the original’s iconic status, with most of it deemed forgettable. Overall, the new Mean Girls receives a mixed review, acknowledging its strengths while recognizing the enduring impact of the 2004 classic.

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