“Unlocking Box Office Potential: Mean Girls, The Beekeeper, and The Book of Clarence Take Center Stage! 🎬🍿

Mean Girls’ Box Office Opening Weekend Estimates: $30 Million

The article by Anthony D’Alessandro featuring in “Deadline” on January 10, 2024, previews the box office prospects for Paramount’s musical redux “Mean Girls” during the MLK weekend. Exhibitors hope the film will rejuvenate the box office after a dry spell. “Mean Girls” is anticipated to earn over $30 million in its four-day run, with no major studio releases until February 2. Comscore reports a slow start for the 2024 box office, lagging 8% behind the same period in 2023. Paramount is conducting early previews of “Mean Girls” in Dolby and PLF theaters.

In contrast, Amazon MGM Studios’ “The Beekeeper,” featuring Jason Statham, targets a $16 million weekend, appealing to male and multicultural audiences. The report notes the box office challenge of surpassing last year’s MLK weekend led by films like “Avatar: The Way of Water.”

Additionally, Sony-TriStar is releasing Jeymes Samuel’s “The Book of Clarence,” a twist on the Biblical epic, projected to have a low-single-digit performance over four days.

The article provides essential details on the films’ genres, expected earnings, and early critical reception, offering a comprehensive overview of the upcoming box office landscape.

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