Former NFL Star Michael Oher’s Legal Battle: Unveiling the Truth

What We Know About Michael Oher and His New Legal Petition

In a lawsuit, former NFL player Michael Oher, famously depicted in the film “The Blind Side,” seeks to terminate his legal relationship with the family that took him in. He claims that he was never formally adopted and was coerced into signing away his decision-making powers at age 18, allowing the family to profit from his life story. Oher is also seeking compensation he believes he’s owed from the movie. He alleges that while the film earned over $300 million globally, he received nothing. The lawsuit contends that Oher signed a conservatorship agreement instead of an adoption, which relinquished his contract-entering ability and inadvertently transferred rights to his life story to 20th Century Fox.

Oher’s lawyer stated little beyond the lawsuit’s claims. The Tuohy family, portrayed in the movie, has yet to respond. Sean Tuohy expressed his willingness to end the conservatorship, noting all family members received equal shares from the movie. Oher, now retired from football, discovered he was not legally adopted in February. The lawsuit suggests he entered the conservatorship under the impression it was part of the adoption process. Oher’s career was marked by success in football, but he criticized the film’s portrayal of him, believing it impacted how he was perceived in the sport.

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