“Microsoft Teams Outage Disrupts Work: Navigating the Impact and Solutions! πŸš€

Microsoft Teams’ outage disrupts user access and features around the globe | KABB

Microsoft Teams experienced a service outage, disrupting access and functionalities for users. The issue emerged around 11 a.m. Eastern Time on Friday, with over 14,500 reported incidents peaking before 2 p.m. Subsequently, the reports decreased to under 1,100 by 5:44 p.m., as per DownDetector. Notably, 67% of reported problems concerned the Teams app, 25% were service connection-related, and 8% were website issues, causing messaging delays and graphic display problems.

Microsoft, yet to respond to CBS MoneyWatch, faced a deluge of complaints on social media. DownDetector’s data indicated a decline in incidents, but the impact on the user base remained unclear. Microsoft 365 Status acknowledged a networking issue affecting a part of the Teams service, stating it had shifted affected processes to a backup system. Progress was reported in restoring Teams service in Europe and the Middle East, with ongoing efforts to protect networks in North and South America. Microsoft aimed to optimize traffic patterns and implement configuration changes swiftly to minimize customer impact. Users expressed frustration on social platforms, highlighting the significant disruption caused by the outage.

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