“Navigating Global Alliances: Understanding India’s Strategic Moves”

India has always played smart and stayed close with Russia, said Nikki Haley. (File)

Nikki Haley, in an interview with Fox Business News, highlighted India’s perspective, indicating a lack of trust in American leadership and a strategic alignment with Russia. She noted that while India desires partnership with the US, it currently perceives American leadership as weak.

According to Haley, India’s strategic decisions stem from a perception of American weakness and a desire for self-preservation, as evidenced by their close ties with Russia for military support. She emphasized the need for the US to regain strength and credibility to rebuild alliances with nations like India, Japan, Australia, and others that seek leadership they can trust.

Haley also discussed China’s economic challenges and its preparation for potential conflict with the US, urging a focus on strengthening alliances to counterbalance China’s influence.

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