“Navigating the Tipping Culture: Finding Balance in Gratitude”

Money Experts Weigh In On The New Tipping Culture

The article discusses the escalating trend of tipping culture post-pandemic, termed as “tip creep,” where consumers encounter more tipping opportunities across various services. However, there’s a growing sentiment of “tip fatigue” among shoppers, leading to a reluctance to tip excessively, especially prompted by predetermined options at payment points, known as “guilt tipping.” Despite this, about 3 in 4 Americans perceive tipping as excessive, particularly with point-of-sale prompts. The pressure to tip has notably increased, encompassing traditional services and app-based platforms.

Experts suggest that while tipping is a gesture of gratitude, consumers shouldn’t feel obligated to tip at every instance, urging them to make tipping decisions based on genuine appreciation rather than societal pressure. This sentiment is reflected in recent data showing a decline in tipping percentages, especially on Sundays, with a gradual increase throughout the week. As consumers push back against excessive tipping, there’s potential for businesses to reevaluate tipping practices, potentially scaling back on suggested tip amounts or eliminating tip prompts altogether.

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