“Violent Courtroom Brawl: Nevada Judge Attacked—A Shocking Legal Showdown Unfolds”

WATCH: Man leaps over bench to attack judge, sparking bloody brawl in Las Vegas courtroom

The article reports a shocking incident in a Las Vegas courtroom where defendant Deobra Delone Redden, facing a felony battery case, attacked Clark County District Judge Mary Kay Holthus during his sentencing. The defendant, attempting to convince the judge of his changed ways, suddenly leaped over the defense table, initiating a violent brawl with court officials and attorneys. The chaotic scene was captured on courtroom video, showing the judge falling back as Redden grabbed her hair. Although the judge sustained injuries, she did not require hospitalization.

Redden, now facing additional charges including battery on a protected person, was subdued by court and jail officers after a struggle. The defendant’s criminal record, marked by violent offenses, prompted the district attorney to advocate for holding him without bail, citing him as a threat to the community.

During the sentencing, Redden, not shackled or in jail attire, pleaded for leniency, describing himself as someone striving to do the right thing. The judge, however, expressed intent to imprison him, leading to Redden’s expletive-laden outburst and physical charge forward.

The defendant’s past includes prior convictions, with the recent incident adding to his history of violence. The judge, Mary Kay Holthus, elected in 2018, brings over 27 years of courthouse experience to the bench.

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