“Unraveling the Relationship: Nicki Nicole and Peso Pluma’s Timeline”

Are Peso Pluma And Nicki Nicole Dating? – Stagbite

The article chronicles the relationship between Argentine rapper and singer Nicki Nicole and Mexican artist Peso Pluma, starting from their initial collaboration on the remix of “Por Las Noches” in 2022 to recent developments indicating a possible breakup. It highlights significant moments such as the exchange of appreciation between the artists on social media, their joint public appearances, and the emergence of rumors suggesting trouble in their relationship. The timeline culminates with Nicki Nicole’s assertive statement on social media, implying a separation after removing photos of her and Peso Pluma from her Instagram account. The statement coincided with the circulation of a viral video showing Peso Pluma holding hands with another woman in Las Vegas. The article concludes with a note about Nicki Nicole’s team declining further comments and Billboard’s attempt to contact a representative for Peso Pluma.

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