“Unraveling the Nuh District Clashes: Haryana’s Big Game Plan Revealed”

Nuh violence HIGHLIGHTS: ‘Did not say anything instigating in the video’, says Monu in an exclusive interview with India News and India TV

The Nuh district in Haryana witnessed communal clashes, and the Haryana Home Minister, Anil Vij, has claimed that there was a “big game plan” behind these violent incidents. He pointed out that the organized nature of the violence, with people armed with lathis and firing bullets, indicated a pre-planned attack. The investigation is underway, and arrests have been made in connection with the clashes.

Vij emphasized that those responsible for instigating the violence will be held accountable, and the government will not rush to conclusions without a thorough investigation. The rioters will be made to pay for the damage to public property.

The Superintendent of Police, Narendra Singh Bijarnia, stated that there is no evidence of a mastermind behind the clashes. However, they have registered a case against Goraksha Bajrang Force President Bittu Bajrangi in Faridabad for his alleged involvement in the Monday clashes.

The authorities are actively monitoring social media to prevent the spread of fake news and inciting content. As the situation in Nuh district gradually returns to normal, the district administration has held meetings with peace committees to ensure that tensions do not escalate further. The restoration of internet services is also being considered based on intelligence reports.

Overall, the situation in Nuh is being closely monitored, and efforts are being made to maintain peace and stability in the region after the unfortunate communal clashes.

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