“Oscar Nominations 2024: Unveiling Surprises, Snubs, and Shifts in Hollywood Recognition 🌟🎬

2024 Oscar Nominations: All The Biggest Snubs and Surprises

The 2024 Oscar nominations, announced on January 24, showcased both expected and surprising elements. Notably, “Barbie” received eight nominations, trailing “Oppenheimer’s” 13, but Margot Robbie’s omission as Best Actress for her role in “Barbie” is considered a significant snub. Despite its commercial success and Robbie’s multifaceted contribution as an actor and producer, the Academy overlooked the film’s impact on female representation.

Conversely, Sandra HΓΌller’s unexpected nomination for “Anatomy of a Fall” adds an element of surprise to the Best Actress category. The Academy’s exclusion of Leonardo DiCaprio for “Killers of the Flower Moon” is deemed a snub, with his nuanced portrayal being overlooked. Bradley Cooper’s nomination for “Maestro” is considered surprising, with the race leaning towards Paul Giamatti and Cillian Murphy.

“The Color Purple” being snubbed for Best Picture despite its acclaim and “Non-English-language” films earning nominations indicate a shift in the Academy’s recognition patterns. Greta Gerwig’s exclusion for directing “Barbie” is criticized, contrasting with the unexpected but gratifying nomination of Justine Triet for “Anatomy of a Fall.”

In the supporting categories, Rosamund Pike’s snub for “Saltburn” is noted, while America Ferrera’s surprise nomination for “Barbie” challenges initial expectations. The absence of young actors Charles Melton and Dominic Sessa is considered a snub, while Mark Ruffalo’s nomination for “Poor Things” raises questions about the dynamics within the supporting actor category. The overall nominations reflect a blend of anticipated recognitions, notable snubs, and unexpected surprises.

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