“Unveiling Pakistan’s Political Quagmire: Election Commission Under Scrutiny”

Pakistan election commission disqualifies ex-PM Imran Khan from public office | Mint

The opinion piece discusses the compromised state of the Election Commission in Pakistan, highlighting its lack of impartiality and susceptibility to influence from powerful entities like the military and bureaucracy. The current Chief Election Commissioner, Sikandar Sultan Raja, is portrayed as a product of this system, with his appointment and subsequent actions reflecting favoritism and misconduct. The article traces Pakistan’s history of flawed elections, citing instances of rigging and military intervention, which have perpetuated a cycle of corrupt governance. Despite efforts to portray a democratic facade, the country’s power dynamics remain entrenched in the hands of a select elite, with little accountability to the populace. The piece warns of the consequences of eroding trust in institutions and predicts potential instability due to economic woes and widespread disillusionment. Overall, it paints a grim picture of Pakistan’s political landscape, characterized by entrenched power structures and systemic corruption.

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