“Practical Magic Sequel in the Works with Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman Set to Return!”

Nicole Kidman, Sandra Bullock in ‘Practical Magic’. MOVIESTORE/REX/SHUTTERSTOCK

Warner Bros. announced this week that a sequel to the 1998 witchy film Practical Magic is in the works. Deals are underway for original stars Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman to reprise their roles as sister witches Sally and Gillian Owens, according to Entertainment Weekly (EW).

Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman Return

Hang on to your husbands, girls, because the Owens sisters are reuniting.

The actresses are also set to produce the sequel alongside original producer Denise Di Novi. The screenplay is penned by Akiva Goldsman, who co-wrote the first Practical Magic with Robin Swicord and Adam Brooks.

The studio generated buzz with a teaser on their official TikTok account, featuring the original film’s music and hinting at a midnight release. Fans initially thought it was merely an announcement that Practical Magic was now available to stream on Max. However, the surprise sequel news was revealed on Monday morning.

Bullock and Kidman starred in Practical Magic, adapted from Alice Hoffman’s novel. Directed by Griffin Dunne, the original film follows Sally and Gillian, two witches raised by their eccentric aunts (Stockard Channing and Dianne Wiest) after their parents’ death. The sisters grappled with ancient prejudices and a resurrected ex-boyfriend while seeking love despite a family curse dooming their lovers to die.

The film has maintained a strong fan base over the years. HBO Max (now simply Max) even ordered a pilot for a Practical Magic prequel series centered on the aunts, Franny and Jet, set in the 1960s. However, that project is presumed to be shelved.

Plot details for the new sequel remain under wraps, but Hoffman has written multiple books in the series. The latest, The Book of Magic: A Novel, published in 2021, involves three generations of Owens women uniting and discovering a long-lost brother.

Practical Magic fans can look forward to seeing the Owens sisters cast their spells once more. With Bullock and Kidman potentially back on board, the sequel promises to capture the magic and charm that made the original a beloved classic.

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